Creative Expression & Movement

WHAT IS creative expression?

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I’m not creative…I can’t draw or paint or play an instrument.” And yet to be creative is simply to be human in our own unique ways. As a species, we’re all naturally creative and crave personal expression. Creative expression is the ability to use our minds and imaginations to create something that represents ourselves. There are countless ways to express ourselves creatively, whether through music, visual art, crafting, writing, photography, drama, or movement. People of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life benefit from the creative process. Creativity helps us relate to each other, address obstacles and challenges in our lives, and even remember how to play! It can be difficult to authentically express who we are, but creative expression helps us open to new possibilities. Most importantly, creative expression can lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Creative expression is, “the language that lives in the heart and the spirit. It’s the language that emerges when you find the safety to really listen to your heart.”  - Cathy Salser, Founder and Executive Director of A Window Between Worlds

What is NOT creative expression? 

Creative expression has nothing to do with your artistic ability or perceived quality of the outcome. Its value is often found more in the process than in the product. Creativity is not necessarily art, nor is it representative of any particular skill. It is simply the mental capacity to use your imagination and find joy through personal expression, allowing us the freedom to let go and see what happens.

WHAT IS Movement?

Our bodies were designed to move, yet how many of us use our bodies to their full potential? How did we evolve into a lifestyle where we spend countless hours sitting and staring at screens?  Movement affects every aspect of our health — our circulation, digestion, metabolism, immunity, and even our ability to think clearly. The bottom line? We all feel better when we move. Daily movement not only improves our physical fitness, but produces chemical changes in our brains stimulating neural pathways and promoting better mental health.

What is NOT movement? 

Movement is not about our ability to do ballet or touch our toes or throw a baseball. It’s about being in touch with your body, exploring what it can do, and getting to know yourself from the inside out. It’s about feeling butterflies in your gut and joy in your chest, and knowing that your body always tells the truth.

The Innerwork Center offers an array of Creative Expression and Movement programs. Past programs include:

  • Meditate to Create: The Art of Letting Go

  • Let the Spirit Move You: Mindful Movement

  • Writing YourSelf: Journaling for Well-being

Ask yourself every day: “Have I created something that authentically represents me?” and “Have I moved my amazing body today?”